CoachCast Lab is the resource for coaches - whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already designed a thriving business.
Each week, we deliver tips, tools, and strategies that you can immediately implement into your coaching business so that you become the rock star coach you were born to be.
Our MISSION is to provide you with a diverse coaching toolkit that will empower your business to make a massive positive impact in the world which gives you the freedom and wealth to create the lifestyle you desire and deserve.
With our combined 27 years of experience on human performance, coaching, and leadership we’re dedicated to helping you be the giant in this industry.


Dr. Amanda Barrientez
& NFA Coaching
Amanda is the founder of NFA Coaching. She is best known for her N.F.A. (No F*cking Around) approach because she takes her clients' transformation seriously. Through coaching, writing, speaking, workshops, YouTube, and podcasts, Amanda works with driven business builders to help them max their potential to create rich, thriving, kick-ass personal and professional lives. She lives in Boulder, Colorado and you can find her at
Andrew Scherer
& Pillar 9 Coaching
Andrew Scherer is the founder and head coach of Pillar 9 Coaching - your resource for executive, leadership and performance coaching. In addition to coaching and training coaches, Andy is a serial entrepreneur and juggles multiple joint ventures. He enthusiastically builds his businesses around lifestyle and family and teaches others how to do the same. He lives in Buck, Pennsylvania and you can find him at




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